ICI Funders

ICI Funders

ICI Board of Trustees:
Jeffrey Bishop
Jill Brienza
Christo & Jeanne-Claude**
James Cohan
Susan Coote
T.A. Fassburg
Maxine Frankel
Carol Goldberg,
  Trustee Emerita
Jean Minskoff Grant
Hunter C. Gray
Marilyn Greene
Agnes Gund,
  Trustee Emerita
Gerrit L. Lansing,
Suydam R. Lansing
Jo Carole Lauder
Caral G. Lebworth,
  Trustee Emerita**
Vik Muniz
Ian M. Rowan
Ann and Mel Schaffer
Patterson Sims,
Susan Sollins,Brown*
  Executive Director Emerita
Melville Straus, 
Nina Castelli Sundell,*
  Trustee Emerita
Sarina Tang
Barbara Toll
Virginia Wright,
  Trustee Emerita

* ICI Co-founder
** In Memoriam

Ken Tyburski,
  Ex-Officio Trustee
  Chair, ICI independents

Foundation Support:
AG Foundation
Cowles Charitable Trust
Dedalus Foundation
Elizabeth Firestone Graham Foundation
Foundation for Contemporary Arts
Foundation To-Life, Inc.
Horace Goldsmith Foundation
The Toby Fund

ICI Members

Benefactors ($10,000)
The Trustees of ICI
Barbara and John Robinson

Partners ($5,000)
Carol and Les Ballard
Mara and Ricky Sandler

Patrons ($2,000 - $3,000)
Bryson Brodie
Leslie and Mark Hull
Shawn and Peter Leibowitz
Rona and Randy Nelson
Amy and John Phelan
Anita and Burton Reiner
Madeline and Les Stern
Nonie and John Sullivan
Barbara and Donald Tober
Diana and Felton Weller
Georgia Welles
Elizabeth Erdreich White and Ogden White III

Sponsors ($1,000 - $1,750)
Ann and Steven Ames
Alessandra and Jonas Almgren
Susan Friedman
Marco and Cristina Grassi
Barbara and Clifford Grodd
Heather Guess
Lesley and Evan Heller
Bruce Horten and Aaron Leiber
Belinda Kielland
Younghee Kim-Wait
Noel Kirnon
Jeanne and Michael Klein
Ken S. Kuchin
Vicky and Larry Lunt
Bee and Gregor Medinger
Andrea Miller
Barbara Nessim
Michele Peck
Ruth Miles Pite
Vivian Pollock
Nancy Portnoy
Deedie and Dusty Rose
Rebecca and Alan Ross
Jane Sadaka
Carol Saper
Janet Scott
Jane and Barton Shallat
Sidney Shapiro
Patricia and David Specter
Ellen and Jerry Stern
Courtney Finch Taylor
David Teiger
Sally Auer and F. Anthony Zunino

Supporters ($500)
Michael and Evie Aalders
Polly Aguilera-Longano and Nicholas Longano
Christopher and Elizabeth Apgar
Madeleine Bennett
George and Jane Bunn
Judi Caron
Ann Cook
Dudley and Michael Del Balso
Robert and Linda Douglass
Gilbert Einstein
Margaret and Henry Erbe
Susan and Arthur Fleischer
Pam and Bob Goergen
Annie Graber
Susan G. Jacoby
Lisa Kadin and William Spiegel
Marcella Kahn
Ellen Kern
Georgia Kramer
Susan and Keith Kroeger
Yong and Raymond Kwok
Nancy Lane
Arlene and Steve Mark
Barbara and Howard Morse
Helen Stambler Neuberger and Jim Neuberger
Jane Nixon
Carol and Davis Noble
Ann Phillips and James Reinish
Barbara Pine
Jennifer Ratner and Gary Edelstein
Sheila Johnson Robbins and George Schwab
Leslie and Michael Ross
Jolie Schwab and David Hodes
Laura Skoler
Nancy and Mort Spitzer
Gillian and Bob Steel
Phyllis and Eric Stoller
Beth Straus
Theodore Voss

Independents and Friends (Under $500)
Helen Allen Smith
Jack Atkinson
Frances Beatty and Allen Adler
Lawrence Benenson
Christian Bryant
Catherine Cahill and William Bernhard
Carrie Clyne
Bob Colacello
Claire Deroy
Anna Di Stasi
Elizabeth Dimmitt
Genevieve Dimmitt
Lauren and Richard Dupont
Laura Einstein
Kathy Epstein
Amanda Fisher
Stacey and Rob Goergen
Jay Grimm and Emily-Jane Kirwan
Jennifer Gyr
Clayton Harley
Justin Hendrix
Cheong Kwon
Lee Miller
Carol Mitchell
Liz Parks
Lindsey Reit
Susie Salomon
Andrea Serbonich
Jeremy Steinke
Kim Tamalonis
Helen Tucker
Diana and Rafael Viñoly
Joe and Margaret Zuccarini


799 Broadway, #205
New York, NY 10003
P 212.254.8200
F 212.477.4781

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