Project 35

Project 35

Curated by 35 international curators

Project 35 is an evolving exhibition of video works selected by 35 international curators and designed in a flexible presentation format, reflecting the diversity and unique nature of the many national and international art spaces ICI partners with. For Project 35, each curator has been invited to select one artist’s video that they think vital for contemporary art audiences across the globe. The result heralds the new decade, and showcases a new exhibition concept for ICI, with an eclectic compilation of works that reveal the global reach that video has achieved as a contemporary art medium today. It is most fitting that this project begins with Guy Ben-Ner’s Berkeley’s Island (1999), which refers to George Berkeley’s famous dictum “to be is to be perceived”. It is the curators’ and ICI’s hope that these videos are “perceived” by diverse communities within the exhibitions spaces that Project 35 will travel to, inspiring debate and functioning as an international catalyst for dialogue and exchange.

The works are presented in 4 chapters, each containing 8 to 9 videos, and the exhibition unfolds simultaneously in multiple spaces, chapter-by-chapter, over the period of a year. Project 35 will show a diversity of approaches to making video, as well as the interests artists are addressing in their practice. Taking advantage of the medium's versatility, Project 35 can be viewed in an auditorium, foyer, or in a gallery space. The DVDs can be projected or viewed on a monitor, depending on host venue needs and interests. It may be a key program component in a project space for a year; presented in weekly, monthly or quarterly screenings; or running in the cafe or education room every afternoon.

Project 35 recalls the founding initiatives of ICI. It was 35 years ago that ICI organized its very first exhibition, a seminal survey of video art titled Video Art USA for the São Paulo Biennial. It presented works by artists that included Vito Acconci, Bruce Nauman, Nam June Paik, Keith Sonnier, Steina Vasulka, and Bill Viola among others. These artists were pioneers working in a medium that was just beginning to gain traction in the field of contemporary art, and ICI proved to be an early and committed proponent of it. The international scope of ICI was clearly indicated in this first exhibition, which went on touring 4 more countries across Latin America. With Project 35, ICI further draws from its extensive international network of curators formed over the past 35 years to organize a new exhibition of international video art, and support new collaborations between curators, artists and exhibitions spaces on national and international platforms.

Each DVD will be accompanied by a pdf with details of each video and a short introduction to each work by the selecting curator.

AVAILABLE anytime in 2010 through 2012
For additional information, contact Frances Wu Giarratano, Exhibitions Manager, at 212.254.8200 x 29, or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


Mai Abu ElDahab (Egypt/Belgium), Magali Arriola (Mexico), Ruth Auerbach (Venezuela), Zoe Butt (Australia/Vietnam), Yane Calovski (Macedonia), Amy Cheng (Taiwan), Lee Weng Choy (Singapore), Ana Paula Cohen (Brazil), Joselina Cruz (Philippines), Sergio Edelsztein (Argentina/Israel), Charles Esche (UK/Netherlands), Lauri Firstenberg (U.S.), Alexie Glass-Kantor (Australia), Julieta Gonzalez (Venezuela), Anthony Huberman (Switzerland/U.S.), Mami Kataoka (Japan), Lars Bang Larsen (Denmark), Constance Lewallen (U.S.), Lu Jie (China), Raimundas Malasauskas (Lithuania/France), Francesco Manacorda (Italy), Chus Martinez (Spain), Viktor Misiano (Russia), David Moos (Canada), Deeksha Nath (India), Simon Njami (Cameroon/France), Hans Ulrich Obrist (Switzerland/UK), Jack Persekian (Palestine), José Roca (Colombia), Bisi Silva (Nigeria), Franklin Sirmans (U.S.), Kathryn Smith (South Africa), Susan Sollins (U.S.), Mirjam Varadinis (Switzerland), and WHW (Croatia)

Guy Ben-Ner, Berkeley's Island, 1999


Disc 1: Guy Ben-Ner, Yukihiro Taguchi, Dan Halter, Zhou Xiaohu, Wanda Raimundi-Ortiz, Tuấn Andrew Nguyễn & Phù Nam Thuc Ha, Kota Ezawa, Edwin Sanchez, and Robert Cauble

Disc 2: Sammy Baloji, Jos de Gruyter and Harald Thys, Andrea Büttner, Alexander Apóstol, Daniela Paes Leao, Ranbir Kaleka, Ho Tzu Nyen, and Stephen Sutcliffe

Disc 3: Azorro Group, Yason Banal, Tracey Moffatt, Meris Angioletti, Michael Stevenson, Vyacheslav Akhunov, Beryl Korot, Anja Medved, and Tracey Rose

Disc 4: Ulla Von Brandenburg, Elodie Pong, Chto delat/What is to be done?, Chen Chieh-jen, Manon de Boer, Angela Detanico & Rafael Lain, Nestor Krüger, Vartan Avakian, and Tamar Guimarães

Additional Images

Kota Ezawa, Lennon Sontag Beuys, 2004

Tuan Andrew Nguyen and Phu Nam Thuc Ha, Uh..., 2007

Robert Cauble, Alice in Wonderland or Who is Guy Debord?, 2003

Wanda Raimundi-Ortiz, Topic 1: Contemporary Art, 2006

Touring Schedule

North Carolina Museum of Art

Raleigh, North Carolina

Pratt Manhattan Gallery

New York, New York
June 17, 2011 - July 30, 2011

Michele and Donald D’Amour Museum of Fine Arts

Springfield, Massachusetts
June 7, 2011 - June 24, 2012

Al Hoash Gallery

East Jerusalem
April 1, 2011 - June 30, 2011

Indianapolis Museum of Art

Indianapolis, Indiana
April 1, 2011 - October 30, 2011

William Benton Museum of Art

Storrs, Connecticut
January 18, 2011 - January 31, 2012

TheCube Project Space

Taipei, Taiwan
January 15, 2011 - March 13, 2011

The Rebecca Randall Bryan Gallery

Conway, South Carolina
January 13, 2011 - March 4, 2011

Mobile Museum of Art

Mobile, Alabama
December 1, 2010 - October 31, 2011

New Orleans Museum of Art

New Orleans, Louisiana
October 20, 2010 - January 30, 2011

Washington Pavilion of Arts and Science

Sioux Falls, South Dakota
October 1, 2010 - January 1, 2012

San Art

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
September 23, 2010 - June 30, 2011

Göteborgs Konsthall

Göteborg, Sweden
June 4, 2010 - February 13, 2011


Quito, Ecuador
April 22, 2010 - June 23, 2010

Press to Exit Project Space

Skopje, Macedonia
March 29, 2010 - December 31, 2010

The Galleries at Moore College of Art and Design

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
March 13, 2010 - March 13, 2011

Saint Joseph College Art Gallery

West Hartford, Connecticut
February 18, 2010 - January 23, 2011

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