The Curatorial Intensive


The Curatorial Intensive is ICI’s new short-course training program that supports curators through the process of developing ideas for exhibitions into full exhibition proposals. Since the workshop phase of the first Curatorial Intensive ended in June 2010, ICI has continued to work with participants long-distance to finalize their proposals, now on view here.

Read full proposals by Robin Atkinson (New Orleans); Jon Davies (Toronto); Anja de Klerk (Cape Town); Lucy Gallun (New York); Marie Heilich (St. Louis); Andrea Hill (New York); Mariluz Hoyos (New York); Elite Kedan (Miami); Qinyi Lim (Singapore); Bakirathi Mani (Philadelphia); JJ Kegan McFadden (Winnipeg); Eriola Pira (New York); Jordan Stein (San Francisco); and Pieter Vermeulen (Antwerp).

For further information about these projects or the Curatorial Intensive, email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).


A proposal by Robin Wallis Atkinson

An exhibition about the response to the Gulf Coast oil crisis by artists from Southern Louisiana. 

Coming After

A proposal by Jon Davies

An exhibition including work from the last decade that focuses on a shared contemporary queer sensibility.

Art now now

A proposal by Anja de Klerk

A research based project aimed at encouraging experimental artistic activity through activating South African curatorial practices.


A proposal by Lucy Gallun

A project about what contemporary serial photography communicates about ideas of nation and nationality.