Application Form

Curatorial Intensive Application Form

Application Deadline: March 18, 2011.

Program dates for the Curatorial Intensive are July 10-18, 2011. Applicants will be notified of the status of their submission by April 15. Current students may not apply to this program, and application materials submitted after March 18, 2011 will not be accepted.

For further questions, please contact Chelsea Haines at or 212-254-8200 x26.

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    If you wish to be identified with a particular racial or ethnic group, please check one that applies.

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  2. Education and Background

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  3. Statement of Intent

    In 600 words or less, please explain why you would like to attend the Curatorial Intensive.

  4. Description of a Recent Exhibition

    Describe a recent exhibition that has made an impact on you in no more than 200 words.

  5. Exhibition Idea

    Please write a 300-word description of a contemporary art project that you would like help in developing. Submissions should include a preliminary concept or key idea, and name(s) of artist(s) you are considering.

  6. Scholarship Request

    If you are interested in applying for a scholarship you must address the following questions in a short essay (less than 600 words): 1. What are your future educational and career goals? 2. How specifically would the Curatorial Intensive help you to achieve those future educational and career goals? 3. Because this scholarship is partially awarded on need-based criteria, please explain the specific nature of your past or current financial challenges.

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