What Sound Does a Color Make?
Scott Arford
Jim Campbell
Gary Hill
Thom Kubli
Nam June Paik and Yud Yalkut
Robin Rimbaud (aka Scanner)
Fred Szymanski
Steina and Woody Vasulka
Stephen Vitiello
Kathleen Forde

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Self-Portrait of Paul (DeMarinis), 2003
192 LEDs on board, speaker, microphone, and custom electronics (excerpt above)
Dimensions variable
Collection of the artist; courtesy Hosfelt Gallery, San Francisco

Self-Portrait of Paul (DeMarinis) is a “self-portrait“ in which the recorded voice of sonic artist Paul DeMarinis defines the image. A sequence of tones (DeMarinis’s voice) is received across the room by a microphone that decodes the sound, which in turn illuminates the digitally stored image of DeMarinis on a grid of LED lights. High tones transmitted represent white and low tones represent black slowly building a sensory portrait that resonates not only the physical attributes of the artist, but also his voice and personal relationship to sound.